"The most amazing thing about hearing Kirk  speak was that he was putting names, and processes to things I had been thinking about for years, but I never knew how to put them in place or make them work. He has helped me take my agency to a level I never thought I could..."



Who Is Kirk Fuqua?

Kirk Fuqua is a highly sought-after speaker of the insurance world due to his accomplishments as a captive and independent agent, his creation and development of systems such as Solutions With Accountability Tactics (S.W.A.T), "Agency Autopilot", "S.W.A.T University", "The Yellow Brick Road For Insurance Phone Sales" book, "The Fumarkable Experience", among many other, which have led him to become one of the most successful insurance agents in the country.

Kirk has been speaking for over ten years at hundreds of events catered to insurance agents looking for ways to grow their agencies, improve their processes, and increase their revenue.

Kirk's systems were developed with years of experimenting new ways to stop depending on internet leads, which almost made him bankrupt due to their high cost and low closing percentage. 
Before becoming an insurance agent, Kirk worked for many years as a detective in the FBI/DEA narcotics task force, where he learned about the power of asking questions a certain way to obtain valuable information. He had all these skills, but they had no apparent value in his new career in insurance; that was until he was forced to think about doing something different to break away from his dependence on internet leads.
He traveled around the country visiting dozens of the most successful insurance agents to learn from them and see what they were doing different. This newly acquired knowledge, along with his previous expertise of asking the right questions at the right time, led him to grow his agency to one of the largest ones in the country, and create what is today known as the S.W.A.T. process, which has helped thousands of insurance agents over the last 10 years overcome many obstacles and helping them grow their agencies to new levels. 

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What Others Have Said...

"Kirk and his team are sincere about giving you ALL of the tools you and your team members need to be successful in our business. If you attend this class with an open mind, great things will happen for you and your team." - Austin Riley
"To me this was a lot like going to church. Kirk re-energizes you into believing into the reality of what we are capable of in this industry. A lot of this class teaches about the things that we can do, not what we can’t do..." - Marcos Tolentino
"Kirk is the leader in the field and a true pioneer when it comes to efficient and repeatable systems and processes that lead to desired results. His SWAT training is tops in the industry." - Rusty England