the class that has changed thousands of lives
SWAT is a class that teaches insurance agents and their staff how to grow their agency. 
The instructor is Kirk Fuqua (read bio below) who has one of the top insurance agencies in the United States. The class focuses on Kirk’s 3 pillars of success and teaches the processes and procedures that resulted in each of his sales team members producing 100+ new household apps per month. 
Attendees will learn how to convert from being a QUOTER to an ADVISER by asking a set of questions designed to systematically pull out problems to which solutions can be attached. You will also learn how to take advantage of every opportunity to sell multiple product lines with each contact. Kirk has seen amazing results in his office as well as other agencies he has worked with. 
He will discuss the 4 major obstacles he had to overcome which allowed his agency to increase production over one hundred apps per month with each change.
  • Auto Word Track
  •  Referral Work Track
  •  How To Build a Winning Culture
  • How To Hold Your Team Accountable
  • How To Get Away From Being Dependent On Internet Leads
  •  How To Take Price Out Of The Equation
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Who is Kirk Fuqua?
Originally from Deville, LA, Kirk Fuqua received his Bachelors and Masters in Criminal Justice from NLU in Monroe, LA. After serving as a detective on the Federal Narcotics Task Force, he started his insurance agency in January of 2008 in Edmond, OK. Kirk has also been teaching S.W.A.T. (Solutions with Accountability Tactics) classes since 2011. In its success, his agency has been in the Chairman Circle every year since 2009 and won the President’s Club Award in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 while Kirk developed S.W.A.T. and THE FUMARKABLE EXPERIENCE. These resources have helped thousands of agents and team members develop more in-depth systems and processes to reach new heights of success. He is also a highly sought-after speaker, having obtained hundreds of speaking engagements across the country since 2009. Outside of the office, Kirk can be found cheering on LSU Football, golfing, or cooking Cajun food.
this is what others are saying...
this is what others are saying...
"Hi Kirk! ... I am wrapping up my TICA year in Jan and wanted to tell you thank you. Your SWAT mastery class helped get me promoted to office manager and helped get me into agency by using everything I learned. I am so glad I trusted your processes and applied them how you taught us to. I just ordered your book and I can't wait to read it to get me pumped for next year. Thank you for being so willing to teach and share your practices. You have really had a positive impact on my insurance career..."
Agent - Nacogdoches, TX
Lakitsia Gaines
Agent - Miami, FL
Jennifer Schweikert
Agent - Fort Walton Beach, FL
“Thank you so much for the time and help you have given me and my team over the past few months. We had our best month ever in August followed by even better results in September and we are off to an awesome start in October. I’m proud of my team and very grateful for the impact you have had on us.”
“The S.W.A.T. Academy was just what I needed. Going through the Academy has revived old thoughts and capabilities. I truly appreciate the format and systematic methods involved. I will be applying these systems in my office and believe they will make a significant difference. Thank you again.”
"The SWAT seminar was a game changer. As a NEW State Farm Agent – I’m still learning the right systems, word tracks, and how to approach marketing, referrals, etc. The training went full circle across each critical area of our business. I’m excited that I can make my office the agency of my dreams now."
Agent - Little Rock, AR
Agent - Clinton, UT
Agent - Phoenix, AZ
"I attended SWAT the end of February, we have skyrocketed. Higher limits, more PLUP’s, life, health, and referrals have all been the result of our new office system. I am paying less for leads now than ever before, it has been wonderful. The word track and appointments have been our saving grace! I highly recommend SWAT!"
“Kirk generously shares how he has built his agency opportunity and brand starting from nothing to becoming one of the most profitable and fastest growing agents in the industry.”
I was first told about SWAT from a friend who is an agent in Southern California. He called me as soon as he was back and said, “…this is something you have to see. When you leave you’ll say to yourself I finally get it.” As soon as I attended my first workshop, yeah, I finally get it. What you get from SWAT are the fundamentals, the blocking and the tackling, the things that even the pros continue to focus on. I take all my new team members so they can see how to do it from the master himself. SWAT will change you and your agency, it’s a must. Oh, and when you leave you’ll say, “I finally get it!"
  • $1,599 for the first person from an Agent’s office. There is no charge for returning agents. There is only a $550 charge per additional team member attending.
  •   Accepted methods of payment are cash, check, and credit card (Visa, Master Card, and American Express).
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